What is Podiatry ?

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Healthy feet mean a healthy you! At One Step Podiatry we make sure your feet are healthy.

A podiatrist is an allied health professional who must meet the professional registration requirements of the Podiatry Board of Australia. A podiatrist must have a Bachelor of Podiatry.

A Podiatrist is trained to assess, diagnose and treat foot and lower limb problems. These may include skin and nail problems, foot and ankle injuries, foot complications related to diabetes and other medical conditions and problems with gait or walking.
Podiatrists play an important role in monitoring disease and managing lower limb issues to maintain an active and mobile population across the lifespan. Podiatrists diagnose and treat conditions of the foot, ankle, and related structures of the lower leg.

When it comes to looking after your health, it’s easy to forget about your feet. But given you could walk about 128,000 km in your lifetime, healthy feet are an important part of your overall wellbeing. Foot problems can have a huge impact on your quality of life. If they occur, our podiatrists can help.
Our Podiatrists are experts in foot and ankle health. They are trained to help prevent, diagnose and treat a wide range of lower limb conditions including:

* ingrown toenails
* heel and arch pain
* skin and nail problems
* kids foot problems
* corns and callouses
* plantar warts
* problems with gait or walking

They can also treat foot complications that arise from underlying medical conditions such as diabetes and arthritis.
Our podiatrist’s recommendations might include specific exercises, the use of custom-made orthotics for your shoes, or strapping and stretching for a specific injury.
Some podiatrists specialise in different areas of practice, including sports, children and diabetic assessment. Our podiatrists are proficient in all areas of podiatry.

Our Podiatrists play an important role in monitoring foot issues and managing lower limb problems to maintain an active and mobile population.